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Your Home Design Ideas Come To Life in 3D!

Are you planning a home remodeling project in your San Diego home? Or are you in the beginning stages of finally planning your big, beautiful, custom home design? Whatever your project ideas, wouldn’t it be great if you could see your finished home before you spend all that time and money on an architect or contractor? At ER Home Designs, Inc., that’s just what we’re here for. We’ll work with you to help you visualize your home as you’ve always wanted it to be. So when the time comes to break ground, you can rest easy knowing that your end result will look exactly the way you want it to be.

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Take a look at our 3D home design gallery!

ER Home Designs Exterior Renderings Image

Exterior Renderings

Sometimes, all you need to see is the outside. If you’re thinking of adding a room addition, expansion, or second story, then seeing how the new space will tie into the existing home is extremely important. Not only to you, but also to your neighbors.
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ER Home Designs Kitchen and Bathroom Renderings Image

Kitchen & Bathroom Renderings

Are you thinking dark engineered wood flooring in the kitchen, or travertine? White cabinets or wood grain? Glass tile backsplash or subway? The choices are endless, but with the help of ER Home Designs, you can see your potential kitchen and bathroom finishes before you make your final decisions. Let us help you narrow your choices.
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ER Home Designs Interior Renderings Image

Interior Renderings

The decisions that you make regarding the interior of your home are probably the most important choices you can make, because, well, you have to live there. You’ve probably felt the experience of being in someone’s tiny living room that felt so comfortable that you just wanted to fall asleep. To contrast that, you can probably remember being in a much larger living room that felt so uncomfortable that you didn’t even want to sit down. Don’t be the owner of that home. Let ER Home Designs help.
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ER Home Designs 3D Floor Plan Image

Floor Plans & Elevations

The ability to visualize your potential floor plan really comes in handy for someone wanting to build an extension. Family room extensions are a great example because without actually seeing and feeling the space, it’s tough to no just how far to extend out. Let ER Home Designs help you layout your space.
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Are you looking for a professional, reliable company to handle your home design? Then look no further!

ER Home Designs can offer you reliable, affordable, guaranteed satisfaction for all your design, planning and building permit needs. In addition, here are some other reasons to choose us!

Why choose us?

  • We offer design options to fit almost any budget.
  • We’ve been designing throughout San Diego County since 2005.
  • We have hundreds of happy, satisfied customers.
  • You get to work one-on-one with your designer.
  • We’ll take your designs all the way through to permit, so you’re ensured that your design can be built.
  • We have working relationships with local, reputable contractors, and are constantly updated with approximate building costs. This ensures that your design will also fit within the end budget.
  • We pride ourselves on being honest, practical, ethical, hard-working, and family-focused.

3D design packages for any client and almost any budget!

At ER Home Designs, we pride ourselves on having the flexibility to offer clients some form of design option, no matter what the budget. To learn more about the types of design packages we offer, please see the list of our most popular categories below. Of course, if you have a specific question, please email or call and we’d be happy to answer.
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Design Packages For Homeowners

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a simple bathroom design or simply a landowner looking to get started designing your new “forever” home, you can get started here.

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Design Packages For Contractors

Are you a contractor looking to offer a 3D design service to your potential clients but want to avoid the huge expense of having a designer on staff? We offer special, bulk project pricing just for you!

image 3

Design Packages for Other Professionals

Do you feel like your business could benefit with the help of a “visual aid”–maybe a simple floor plan even? Let ER Home Designs help you help your potential clients take the next step!

Customer Reviews:

We’ve worked on hundreds of home designs throughout San Diego County. Join the list of happy customers and see why they love their designs so much!

“They designed and built a laundry room, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and a jacuzzi area in addition to our existing home. Eddie did a tremendous job in designing the layout and making the plans. The team took care of everything in terms of getting the city permits.”  — Sam & Gina

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By way of definition, the renderings that we produce at ER Home Designs, Inc. are actually called, raytrace images. These are images that are generated from 3D models that are created in our software. These raytrace renderings are intended for visualization purposes and are only intended to assist homeowners in their home design decisions. Unless otherwise specified, renderings are not to scale. Please visit our Gallery Pages for examples of raytrace renderings.