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The Owner

ER Home Designs President, Eddie Ritter, with youngest daughter, Victoria

Eddie Ritter

President of ER Home Designs, Inc.

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in my company’s services. My name is Eddie Ritter and I am the Owner and President of ER Home Designs, Inc. here in beautiful San Diego County, California. Ramona, to be exact.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to draw houses. I remember first learning how to draw buildings in perspective back in first or second grade art class. It was something that stuck with me from that moment on and it was a skill that I continued to develop outside the classroom as I got older.

When I got into my pre-teen years, I was all about Spider-Man. The comics, the Saturday morning cartoon…I even went out and bought myself a, “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way” book, just so I could teach myself how to draw Spider-Man. Of course, if you’re going to draw Spider-Man web-slinging above the streets of New York City, you have to know how to draw using perspective. Little did I know at that age, that those skills would morph and develop and ultimately end up being my life’s work. Well, technically the little girl in the photo is “my life’s work”, but you catch my point.

I’m happily married to my beautiful wife, Elisa. Together we have three children. Victoria (pictured with me) is 5 and will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Our eldest daughter, Isabella is 12 and is about the head off to Junior High. Then there is Alexander, who is 7, and will be heading into the 3rd grade. I mention my wife and kids here on my Company’s site because… well, I’m sure like many of you, my family is what drives me. But not just that. They’ve also made me a much better designer than I was back in 2005 when I started doing this professionally.

Going from an inexperienced college graduate to a husband and father has taught me a lot about designing practically. A lot of the homeowners I work with are young couples with children, just like my wife and I. They just want some more space, new flooring, freshly painted walls, etc. In many cases, it’s as easy as putting myself in their shoes and saying, “Okay, what would I want if I were these people?” and I go from there. I’m constantly weighing the costs vs the return value with every design decision I make. Even if it’s just a, “for the sake of enjoyment” value. After-all, no one actually needs a 6 foot jetted tub. I’m constantly asking myself, “Is it worth it? Is it worth it to demo that wall? Is it worth it to jack-hammer up that part of the floor? Is it worth it to sacrifice that bedroom? Etc.” These are the types of questions that I’m asking myself every day when I’m working on your designs.

Just like life is chalked full of tiny decisions that lead us to the big ones (like the choice to by a book on how to draw Marvel characters) so too is a home design made up of countless minute choices. It’s having the patience and discipline to go through those decisions, one-after-another, on every single design, that helps me be successful as a home designer. So if you’re ready to make your next big decision, I’m here to help you get started. Thanks for reading!


Eddie Ritter
President of ER Home Designs, Inc.
June, 26th, 2015

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By way of definition, the renderings that we produce at ER Home Designs, Inc. are actually called, raytrace images. These are images that are generated from 3D models that are created in our software. These raytrace renderings are intended for visualization purposes and are only intended to assist homeowners in their home design decisions. Unless otherwise specified, renderings are not to scale. Please visit our Gallery Pages for examples of raytrace renderings.