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3D Home Designs for Homeowners

Most homeowners underestimate just how much time and effort will be required of them throughout their project. Even when you (the homeowner) have hired one of the best contractors around to run your job, there’s still countless decisions and selections that will need to be made by you. Your tub, your vanity, your lights, your flooring… A majority of contractors will look to the homeowner to make these types of decisions. For many homeowners, this is definitely the annoying part of the job, for a number of reasons.

Probably the biggest annoyance is that it’s never convenient. It forces you to take time away from your already busy life to go spend hour after hour, after work and on the weekends, shopping for your project. Another common frustration is, it’s tough to know which selections will look nice along side other selections. So, rather than make the wrong decision, it’s easier to just put the decision off another day. Which in turn, frustrates a lot of contractors when the homeowner can’t or won’t make decisions. To top it all off, a majority of decisions that will need to be made by you will be towards the end of the project, when you’re already anxious, stressed, and just want the project to be over with. Consequently, it’s easy to make a poor choices in selections as a result of being impatient.

At ER Home Designs, we can help you minimize these stresses by helping you to plan for these decisions ahead of time. Not every decision needs to be set in stone when you’re still in the planning stage, but it will make life a whole lot simpler if you at least have the design concepts in place. That way, when it comes time to do your shopping, and make your selections, you’ll know basically what you’re shopping for.

When we create your home project in 3D, you can visualize, foresee, and plan ahead for these decisions. You can also discover many coming obstacles you might not have thought about otherwise. This can help you avoid plan changes, limit your project delays, and ultimately, save you from costly change orders. Plus, when the team of contractors working on your home can actually see the finished project and continue to refer back to it, it can help eliminate a lot of confusion and miscommunication.



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By way of definition, the renderings that we produce at ER Home Designs, Inc. are actually called, raytrace images. These are images that are generated from 3D models that are created in our software. These raytrace renderings are intended for visualization purposes and are only intended to assist homeowners in their home design decisions. Unless otherwise specified, renderings are not to scale. Please visit our Gallery Pages for examples of raytrace renderings.