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We’ve been getting a lot of requests for guest suites (or otherwise known as granny flats) this year. How much are they? How big can they be? Can I have a kitchen? Can I rent them?
First and foremost, it seems like most people have this notion that when they plan to build one of these that they have to be secretive or sneaky about it. Almost as if they were doing something wrong, or illegal. Not to get too far ahead, because in some locations they actually are not allowed. But determining whether or not a guest suite/granny flat is allowed on your property mostly depends on 4 key factors. Your home address, how big you want to make it, where it’s going in the yard, and what you plan to do with it. In San Diego County in many residential areas, they are allowed. Of course, like anything with the City or County, there are municipal guidelines.
By municipal terms, guest suites/granny flats at their core are considered habitable accessory buildings. There are habitable and non-habitable. Think, shed or garage or workshop just to name a few, non-habitable accessories. Habitable accessory buildings are conditioned spaces that are fit for sleeping. You can insulate it, drywall and paint. In most cases, you can even have a bathroom with a shower. Going back to the 4 key factors will help you determine whether or not you’re allowed to have a habitable accessory building, if so, how large you can make it, where you can place it in your yard and what uses you are allowed to define for your building.
• Factor 1: Where you live will determine if habitable accessory buildings are allowed on your lot.
o To find out whether or not you’re “allowed” to have a habitable accessory building on your lot, you need 3 pieces of information. 1) You need to know what you’re property is zoned. 2) You need to know your propery’s “Use” category. 3) You need to know your lot size.

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